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New to Calgary, WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) is a centralized Call Centre that will assist you in securing a wheelchair accessible taxi.

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WAV Calgary vehicles are comprised of taxis from Associated Cabs, Calgary City Cabs, Calgary United, Checker Cabs and Delta Cabs.

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So many ways to catch a WAV

Simply call 403.974.1110 or click "Book a WAV" online. You can also download the WAV Calgary APP at your favourite store.

It’s all about accessibility

WAV Calgary is committed to providing safe, efficient taxi service to our customers requiring a wheelchair accessible taxi through a centralized dispatch system. We do need to remind customers we can’t always guarantee exact pick up times but will do our best to have a vehicle pick you up at the requested time.

Please read the dimensions our vehicles can accommodate:

  • Rear Door Width – 36 inches
  • Rear Door Height – 59.5 inches
  • Wheelchair Ramp Width – 32 inches
  • Internal Wheelchair Area Back to Front – 61 inches
  • Internal Wheelchair Area Side to Side – 32.5 inches
  • Internal Wheelchair Area Floor to Ceiling – 57 inches


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Use our easy online booking system, the app, or call 403-974-1110 to book your WAV.